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We believe that North Carolina should be a state where every person can reach their full potential and achieve well-being through the support of trustworthy, anti-racist institutions and systems that we all participate in building.

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When people work at good-paying jobs and have the income to meet their needs, put food on the table and a roof over their heads, and build wealth over generations, we all benefit

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By assigning our collective tax dollars to pay for what we need — schools, roads, parks, and people to run them all — budgets can reflect the value we have for our communities and well-being.

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By working with people and communities across the state and strengthening the connections to the policy process to make it more inclusive and equitable, we can demand that policymakers legislate in the people’s interests.

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It is time lawmakers put the people of North Carolina first and ensure that corporations pay what they owe in taxes by pausing the corporate income tax elimination and keeping the rate corporations pay at 2.5 percent.

Watch: Corporations must pay what they owe!

Imagine our neighborhoods having all that we need, NC! We can rewrite the rules so that *everyone contributes* to make our schools, hospitals, parks & programs all that our families deserve.

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10 members of the Budget & Tax Center team pose with Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom at an event
The NC Budget & Tax Center team poses with Dr. Tressie McMillan Cottom at the 2024 Economy for All event.

About NC Budget & Tax Center

At the NC Budget & Tax Center, we contribute to a movement of people and partners that set the agenda for policymakers who can choose to advance a North Carolina where no matter who you are or where you live, you can reach your full potential.

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Alexandra Sirota and Marcus Bass pose together at the Budget & Tax Center's first anniversary party.
Alexandra Sirota, Executive Director, and Marcus Bass, Board Chairperson, celebrate together at the Budget & Tax Center's first birthday party.

"The state budget is the most important policy decision made each year. It provides a roadmap for how we will collectively fund the opportunities to build a foundation in our communities where everyone has the freedom to thrive."

Alexandra Sirota
Executive Director, NC Budget & Tax Center