History of Tax Choices in NC

State and local governments provide funds for public services that are essential to sustaining economic growth and fostering healthy communities, but the benefits and burdens of public taxation are not shared equally among all taxpayers. Historic ties between white supremacy and fiscal policy in North Carolina have contributed to a lasting legacy of racial inequity in the state, even when such policies were not explicitly race-based.

Timeline of Tax Policy in NC

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The History of Tax Choices in NC Matters

Knowing the history of our tax choices in North Carolina means we can bring awareness to the role tax policy has played in reinforcing and contributing to structures of white supremacy and systemic racism, as well as identify key barriers to access to income and wealth as a result of our tax code. Understanding the effects that our tax code has done helps us to understand how to address the disproportionate harms done to Black, brown, and indigenous people in North Carolina.

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