Budget & Tax Justice

Across North Carolina, no matter what we look like or where we live, most of us believe in caring for our families and leaving things better for those to come. We want to live in communities where everyone has the opportunity and freedom to thrive.

That’s all possible with good state budgets and a tax system that asks wealthy people and profitable corporations to pay what they truly owe and doesn’t ask the most from those with the least.

As North Carolinians, we pay taxes to build communities that ensure everyone — Black, brown, and white — can thrive in every corner of our state.

By assigning our collective tax dollars to pay for what we need — schools, roads, parks, and people to run them all — budgets can reflect the value we have for our communities and well-being.

When our leaders make corporations pay what they owe our state through taxes and create a state budget that works for everyone, we can deliver the quality schools, affordable health care, and good-paying jobs that ensure all of our families can thrive.

Budget & Taxes Justice

The North Carolina We Want

  • Our collective resources provide the things that all of our communities and families benefit from — better schools, quality health care, and more — to deliver outcomes that aren’t determined by where someone lives or what they look like.
  • Wealthy people and profitable corporations pay what they owe so our shared resources can deliver the programs, schools, and supports all of our families need.
  • Our state budget process is transparent and accessible, where the public can follow along and understand how decisions are being made, and where people’s needs are assessed, considered, and addressed.

Where to Get Started

Side view of a piggy bank with the flag design of North Carolina

Budget Primer

The state budget is a moral document that we all should have a role in shaping. To make the process and decisions in our state budget easier to understand, we’ve developed this primer to help you get started.

Dollars & Democracy: A primer on how NC can build thriving communities

Budget Report

Our latest report on North Carolina’s state budget provides an overview of  where spending was made, how priorities were funded and outlines potential impacts and opportunities to improve outcomes from this critical area of policymaking.

NCGA leaders lock in more tax cuts in final budget while abandoning transparency and accountability

Graph showing that the richest people in NC pay the lowest share of their income in state and local taxes.

Who Pays Taxes in NC?

North Carolina ranks 24th for our tax code’s regressivity. That means our tax system makes income inequality in the state worse, not better.

Who Pays Taxes in NC?

Illustrated image of three everyday people, with one pointing at a rich man with gold falling out of his pockets, who is jumping up and down

It is time lawmakers put the people of North Carolina first and ensure that corporations pay what they owe in taxes by pausing the corporate income tax elimination and keeping the rate corporations pay at 2.5 percent.