Connecting Communities

No matter what we look like or where we come from, most of us believe in caring for our families and leaving things better for those to come.

That’s why in community after community, some of us are coming together to give our all as teachers, delivery drivers, nurses, or volunteers at the local food bank or neighborhood cleanup.

Across North Carolina, people can come together to demand that our policymakers build the systems and enact the policies that help to make our lives better and lay the foundation for future generations to fulfill their dreams.

Right now, too many politicians listen to outside interests and those with economic power rather than the people who are most impacted by the decisions that get made about public school funding, accessibility of child care, the state minimum wage, and whether to plan for natural disasters.

By working with people and communities across the state and strengthening the connections to the policy process to make it more inclusive and equitable, we can demand that policymakers legislate in the people’s interests with the solutions that people have identified and strengthen our multi-racial democracy.

Group of NC People

The North Carolina We Want

  • Everyone can connect to the policy process, and policymakers serve the public good instead of private interests.
  • People historically excluded from the policy process have the tools, resources, and connections to deepen their analysis of the systems and policies we need to ensure every community can deliver a high quality of life.
  • A network of leaders is advancing a transformative vision for a state by working across communities to build the capacities and power to unlock the expertise and truth of people’s everyday lives.
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Making Connections with BTC

We host quarterly webinars to help connect the dots between people and policy in North Carolina. Register for our next free webinar, or watch videos of past webinars on topics such as the state budget, income taxes, and the legislative landscape for NC.

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Our Dollars, Our Future

Join the North Carolina Budget & Tax Center on May 2 in Raleigh for a day of advocacy to take the budget back to the people. Our state budget matters for almost every aspect of our daily lives — from the air we breathe and water we drink, to the quality of our kids' education — and yet some powerful lawmakers are intentionally leaving you out of the process.

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Economy for All

Join us at our annual Economy for All event, where we gather in community with those working to create a South that chooses hope and well-being for every person, where we build an economy for all through the policies and systems that center people’s priorities and that we all participate in building. Access recordings and resources from previous events as well.

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Better NC Fellowship

The BetterNC Fellowship is an opportunity for participants to gain a deeper understand of fiscal and budgeting processes in the State. In partnership with the NC Black Alliance, we host a series of workshops that provide participants with the knowledge and hands on experiences to make deeper connections to key issues in their advocacy and communities through an economic lens.

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NC Summer Policy Institute (SPI)

Summer Policy Institute aims to support North Carolina’s next generation of public policy leaders by bringing together young adults, who are rooted in the state, to participate in a multi-day exploration of top policy issues.

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