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Every North Carolinian wants to live in a thriving community. We all want well-staffed public schools for our children to learn the skills they’ll need in adulthood. We all want to be able to get to work or school on safe roads and accessible public transportation. And we all want strong local businesses that support a robust local economy. These are all elements of a thriving community. These are all values that we share.

The state budget is the primary document that our leaders use to enact North Carolina’s values. This document sets priorities for our communities and impacts our quality of life. A state budget that works for everyone in North Carolina:

  • Represents smart investments and supports that best achieve our goals
  • Effectively matches investments with the growth and need we see in our state
  • Ensures that — no matter where one lives and whether they are Black, brown or white — they can access the same opportunities and quality of public services

North Carolina has the resources it needs to provide for a more equitable and resilient future, but for too long, the interests of wealthy individuals and corporations have been prioritized over the needs of everyday people.

Wealthy North Carolinians and profitable corporations paying what they owe will ensure we can provide better schools, quality health care, and more for our communities through our state budget.

Budget & Taxes Justice

The State budget Matters

Whether every North Carolina family and community can support children’s healthy development depends a lot on state-level policy and investment choices. Each year, North Carolina policymakers come together in Raleigh to set priorities for how taxpayer dollars will be spent in the state budget. Where policymakers choose to prioritize billions of dollars of investment is important.

Current state spending in North Carolina through the budget is not enough to keep up with need, inflation, and a growing population. Austerity budgets that advance a scarcity mindset and pit needs against each other do not serve in the best interests of everyday North Carolinians.

NCGA leaders lock in more tax cuts in final budget while abandoning transparency and accountability.

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To make the process and decisions in our state budget easier to understand, we’ve developed this primer to help get you started.

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Open Letter from 21 Groups on the Final Budget & Call for Prioritizing People Over Politics and Powerful Interests.

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