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Demand that the NC General Assembly choose our communities over corporations


Investment in our people and communities is crucial to a bright shared economic future in our state. However, for more than a decade, tax cuts have been prioritized over supporting the programs and services crucial to the mutual success of our state's citizens. By 2030, corporations will pay zero in state income tax in North Carolina, causing a revenue loss of more than $2 billion annually — $2 billion less every year to pay for quality education and quality child care for our kids, infrastructure that our state needs, free and fair elections, and keeping our air and water clean.

Strong state infrastructure and affordable, quality childcare and public education help our businesses, our people, and our economy thrive.

It is time lawmakers put the people of North Carolina first and ensure that corporations pay what they owe in taxes by pausing the corporate income tax elimination and keeping the rate corporations pay at 2.5 percent.

In North Carolina, citizens are prevented from engaging in lawmaking through ballot initiatives. We aren't going to let that stop us. This signature campaign will connect people from across NC and demonstrate to state lawmakers the will of the overwhelming majority of North Carolinians who support taxing corporations.

All signatures collected will be presented to North Carolina state lawmakers with a demand they file, sponsor, and/or vote yes to keep the state corporate income tax at a rate of 2.5 percent.

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