Labor Market

Our work creates the wealth that can power economic well-being and help fund the services and infrastructure in communities that ensures good, quality jobs are accessible to every person — Black, brown, or white, and no matter whether they live in a rural, urban or suburban community.

Policies shape labor market outcomes by ensuring the quality of jobs, protecting workers and businesses from job losses due to broader economic change and creating pathways to career and economic mobility that supports long-term gains for families and communities.

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Labor market data matters

Jobs, their availability, and their quality, are key measures of how our economy overall is faring. By monitoring the labor market each month, we aim to provide a look behind the topline numbers to understand whether jobs are growing in every community of the state, and how employment changes compare over time and relative to our growing population.

All of these data help us to understand whether we are in a recovery or downturn and whether work is available. What it won’t tell us is whether the jobs available are the kind of quality jobs that can fuel economic well-being and mobility.

That is why our work also looks at what it takes to make ends meet in every county and who specifically is hit hardest by the lack of jobs.

Labor Market Data

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