Basic Needs & Supports

Whether white, Black, or brown, we all want our families to have the financial resources we need to put food on the table and pay our bills each month. Unfortunately, too many North Carolinians are having to decide between fixing their truck to go to work, and keeping a roof over their heads, putting healthy food on the table and filling a prescription to keep them healthy.

We know that cash income and supports to help families struggling with hardship can be a stabilizing force to sustain well-being and lift families out of grinding poverty. Time and again research shows that a boost to income in the households also has a lasting impact on children’s education and lifetime earnings and on the health and wealth building opportunities for adults.

By coming together to demand our elected leaders establish public policies and systems that connect all people to the supports they need to move out of poverty, we will unlock the full potential of our state and ensure better outcomes for all.

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Meeting Basic Needs Matters

When North Carolinians have the income and supports to be able to support our families, in good times and bad, we all are better off. Public policy tools, like refundable tax credits for working families or food and child care assistance, support the financial well-being of families and the healthy development of children.

Funding the infrastructure of public institutions and trusted community navigators can also ensure every family connects to the programs and services that they are eligible for. That’s why we are working to make sure that North Carolina’s policies and public institutions are centering the experiences of people struggling to get out of poverty and pursuing transformative policies that will open the pathway to a better North Carolina.

An increase in NC’s Work First cash assistance program would help families meet basic needs.

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Adequate, accessible food assistance would fight hunger in North Carolina.

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A North Carolina Child Tax Credit would help every child thrive.

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