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NC leaders are shirking their responsibilities to our children, our state by revisiting Leandro lawsuit

The announcement that the NC Supreme Court will rehear the court case that affirmed children’s constitutional right to a sound, basic education is just another way in which North Carolina’s legislative leaders are attempting to rewrite the rules to further their agenda rather than the well-being of children.

NC’s funding for public education as a share of our wealth as a state is dead last in the nation.

North Carolina is a wealthy state that can come together to do better for our children and all of our future.

The refusal of legislative leaders to uphold their responsibility to every child in our state will undermine our future prosperity as educational opportunities are increasingly segregated and children are blocked from the education, career and job training, and other supports that build a solid foundation for success and well-being.

Time and again elected leaders have chosen to divert the wealth our work creates from our classrooms to special interests and the pockets of wealthy corporations and the richest North Carolinians. Budget writers passed more income tax cuts this year that will primarily benefit profitable corporations and the wealthy over the next decade.

The result will be at least $13 billion less in public funds to make sure children have a teacher in the classroom, supports for their healthy development, and safe, supportive learning environments that create opportunities for lifelong learning.

That $13 billion would provide twice what is needed to provide a sound, basic education for every child in our state according to the Leandro plan, which provides a road map for NC to meet its education funding obligations.

But the shirking of the state’s responsibility doesn’t stop with prioritizing income tax cuts over our children. NC legislative leaders also moved to expand the state’s unaccountable, discriminatory voucher program so that it is available to even the richest households.

It is time for our state’s elected leaders to stop rigging the rules to avoid their responsibilities to the people of North Carolina and for them to prioritize every child’s public education over the interests of the rich and powerful few.