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February 2, 2024

Join us for a webinar about a new data tool

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snippet of PDF of Child Tax Credit options for North Carolina that is available on linked page
Press Release
November 17, 2022

New Report: A $3,100 state Child Tax Credit could cut North Carolina child poverty rate in half

New Report: A $3,100 state Child Tax Credit could cut North Carolina child poverty rate in half A smaller $1,200 credit could reduce the child poverty rate by over 25% (Nov. 17, 2022) — As the dust settles on this year’s elections and state lawmakers look toward 2023’s legislative session, they should prioritize improving a state…

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One Hundred Dollar Bill with COVID-19 mask on Ben Franklin
Tools & Resources
July 25, 2022

Leveraging local American Rescue Plan dollars to support immigrants in North Carolina

Immigrants are essential workers, neighbors, and members of our communities, yet many have been left out of relief to date. Leveraging local American Rescue Plan dollars can help.

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One Hundred Dollar Bill with COVID-19 mask on Ben Franklin
July 20, 2022

Principles in Action: How to get the most out of American Rescue Plan funds in your community

Local governments across North Carolina are making decisions about once-in-a-generation funds that likely will impact their communities for years to come, and there are some guidelines and great examples that can help your community right.  

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Man connecting network cables to switches
Tools & Resources
May 12, 2022

Key Sources of State and Federal Funding for Local Broadband Infrastructure and Digital Inclusion in North Carolina

North Carolina communities are poised to receive big investments in broadband infrastructure and digital equity, thanks to the passage of major federal funding through the American Rescue Plan and Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Acts in 2021. This summary provides an overview of key programs at the state and federal levels that are active or in development.

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Side view of a piggy bank with the flag design of North Carolina
May 9, 2022

NC has time to change course, hear community voices on use of flexible COVID-19 relief funding

North Carolina has a once-in-a-generation opportunity with flexible American Rescue Plan dollars for big, bold investments to address the harms of the pandemic in communities across the state – and it has time to reconsider and make the right choices for North Carolinians. In March 2021, Congress and the President enacted the American Rescue Plan…

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Cover image of report "North Carolina Budget Report 2022" with Budget & Tax Center logo.
April 12, 2022

A budget that leaves North Carolina worse off

This budget was ultimately supported by the majority of lawmakers in North Carolina after little to no opportunity for public input, negotiations behind closed doors, and the Republican leadership’s goal to limit spending and deliver tax cuts to the top. The state budget passed by the North Carolina General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Cooper represents several notable milestones for the state, as well as the nation.

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