What we were up to in February 2022

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s already March! There’s been so many things happening all around us, and I hope you all are taking some time for self care when you need it.

In case you missed it, here are some highlights of what we’ve been up to for the past month at the Budget & Tax Center, as well as some upcoming stuff.

Summer Policy Institute

Applications for the Summer Policy Institute 2022 open Friday, March 18. Sign up for updates about SPI, including an alert when applications open.

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Honoring History Makers

As we think of those who have gone before us, we are reminded of our own ability to become History Makers. We highlighted three people who are making history today with the work they are doing in North Carolina.

American Rescue Plan in NC

We’ve got a ton of resources up on our website about the American Rescue Plan, and we are continuing to analyze the impact of ARP on North Carolina as we approach one year since it was signed into law. Check it out at NCBudget.org/ARP .

Our blog posts and publications

What you may have missed

We’re on LinkedIn now! And make sure you are following us on Facebook  or Twitter! We retweeted this on-the-nose Twitter post from the Institute for Policy Studies in February:

Where we’ve been

Here are few places you might have seen some of our staff show up this month.

  • With the goal of engaging people directly impacted by poverty with the policy process as experts on what is needed to increase individual and community well-being, the People’s Hearing project held its first meeting of the year to discuss the group’s priorities to address hardship that will be brought forward in roundtable discussions with policymakers later this spring. For more information, contact Advocacy Manager Heba Atwa.
  • We partnered with NC SPAN for a virtual training on local Sheriff Budgets designed to NC SPAN has three more virtual trainings in the series that you can register for here.

What we’ve been reading

Here are a few of the articles this month that we want to make sure you saw.

  • New analysis from Southern Economic Advancement Project shows that American Rescue Plan dollars going to cities are still available to support an equitable recovery. Deploying these with community input to drive better outcomes and greater resilience is priority work across NC.

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How to contact us

We’ve put the contact information for each of our team members on our website at NCBudget.org/our-team/, or you can always email us at [email protected] if you’re not sure who to talk to.