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Statement on NC Legislative Budget Proposal

Statement from Alexandra Sirota, Executive Director of the NC Budget & Tax Center, on the NC Legislative budget proposal: 

North Carolina lawmakers have the opportunity right now to go all-in to make sure our communities and people have what they need for a full and just recovery.

We have the resources.  We need to fund the solutions that make sure all of us – no matter what we look like or what zip code we call home – can put food on the table, send our kids to good schools, and see a doctor when we need to.

Unfortunately, NC legislative leaders didn’t go nearly far enough in the proposal they have released.  Instead, they continue to hold down our public commitments that would help support the basic needs of North Carolinians so they have the freedom to thrive.

While it is notable that it appears there will be no further round of deep income tax cuts for the wealthy and profitable corporations, the lasting losses remain from last year’s plan to redirect resources from our communities to the richest among us over the next decade. This undermines our ability to provide the supports and services our families need, delaying progress and blocking the path to resiliency for all of us.

Perhaps most important, though, is that the secretive process used to develop this budget proposal cannot possibly consider the range of needs in communities.

Transparency and opportunities for public input can strengthen our understanding of what is needed and what works.

It’s time to demand our leaders listen to more than just their donors and make corporations pay what they owe through taxes so our communities can thrive. That’s how we show up for each other, delivering the quality schools, affordable care, and good-paying jobs that ensure all of our families can thrive.​