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Press Release

Statement on Governor Cooper’s proposed budget

Statement from Alexandra Sirota, Executive Director of the NC Budget & Tax Center, on Governor Cooper’s proposed budget:


The Governor’s budget doesn’t do more damage at a critical point in the recovery, but neither does it go far enough to mitigate the harm done by the budget he signed last year and the pandemic that has lasted three.

His budget doesn’t repeal the tax cuts given to corporations and the wealthy, nor does it include a state Earned Income Tax Credit that would give families back more of what they earn.

The priorities in the Governor’s budget in early childhood — boosting educator wages, stabilizing providers through more equitable subsidy rates, and expanding access to Pre-K — along with those to protect the environment — investing in clean energy and targeting infrastructure projects to low-income areas — are important commitments today that will make us more resilient in the future.

The recognition as well that people need more money in their pockets now, and the emphasis on raising wages for public sector workers and public contractors, will have near-term benefits for all of us by stabilizing households and local economies.

However, there is more that North Carolina needs to do to get to the root of what made the pandemic so devastating to families and communities across the state.

North Carolina can and should make child care more affordable to more families, build more safe and affordable housing, and make sure the workforce is connected to good-paying jobs and safe on the job.

The constraints placed on our ability to pay for what North Carolinians need to be healthy and prosper is a direct result of the tax cuts in recent years that have benefited the wealthy few at the expense of us all.

With the availability of state revenue today and a more concerted effort to ensure the wealthy and profitable corporations pay what they owe, NC leaders, including the General Assembly, can and should do what is needed to make sure NC’s recovery includes all North Carolinians.