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Statement from the Budget & Tax Center on today’s NC Supreme Court’s Leandro decision

The NC Budget & Tax Center joins with parents, children, educators, and advocates, including the Every Child NC coalition, to celebrate today’s NC Supreme Court decision requiring action by state lawmakers to fund a sound, basic education for every child, as guaranteed in the state constitution.

North Carolina can and must make sure our children have everything they need for a successful future, and that means funding what we know supports children’s educational success and well-being.

That means spending our public dollars on the priorities, like public education, that build a strong foundation for a society where everyone – regardless of race or place – can thrive.

As we celebrate this step, we also look to the important next steps that are needed: The full implementation of the Leandro plan, a recognition of what it will take to go beyond that bare minimum for our children, and a commitment from elected leaders to ensuring profitable corporations and the wealthy few pay what they owe in taxes to support of our shared goals.

Paying taxes is how we come together to do the things we need to support every child, family and community in our state, and lawmakers need to recognize that with a repeal of the elimination of the corporate income tax in North Carolina.