Woman with a birthday hat on, saying "let's celebrate"

A new year, and our one-year anniversary

It was one year ago that our organization started work as an independent non-profit organization.

We are excited to continue to build an organization grounded in values that will support the transformational change we want to see in our state — a North Carolina where every person can thrive, no matter who they are or where they are born.

Slide with "Our Values":
* Community Building​: We believe in the power of people and community collectively working for change. We are all connected through a shared fate.​

* Equity​: We believe in lasting solutions to ensure that all people -- Black, white, brown, indigenous, and other historically marginalized identities -- have what they need to access economic opportunity and achieve well-being. ​

* Inclusion​: We believe that all people should be able to get the information and resources they need in a way that is timely and useful to meet their goals and needs. We value openness and communication and understand that sharing information and removing barriers are necessary for participating in the policy process and building power for the people.​

* Inspiration​: We value approaching problems and opportunities by embracing creativity, new ideas, and innovative ways of doing things, so that energy continues to flow through the work.​

* Joy​: The commitment we bring to the work is something we want to celebrate and relish. We acknowledge that what we do is hard, but we know that finding a way to enjoy this work is an important aspect of supporting one another and our communities.​

* Sustainability​: We work steadily with passion and determination, to contribute to a durable and long-lasting movement, because the stakes are high for the people of NC. We won't give up.​

* Truth​: We seek to understand with curiosity and humility. We know the perspective and expertise of people with different lived experiences and a range of backgrounds are necessary to inform the best solutions.​

We are proud to be a union shop that recently ratified our first Collective Bargaining Agreement.

We are grateful for the partnerships that have supported and informed our development and refined our approach to the pressing issues we face as a state.

As we celebrate our one-year anniversary as an independent organization throughout 2023, we are also reflecting on the work that the NC Budget & Tax Center has done in different incarnations over the past 30 years in North Carolina to document fiscal and economic conditions and connect the policy process with realities people face across our state.

We continue to see a critical role in that work.

We will crunch the numbers and work in partnership with community organizations and leaders to understand what is driving the outcomes we are seeing and for the solutions needed to end poverty.  And we will continue to adapt and learn how we can support deeper connections between people and the policy process and their policymakers, so that we are part of the movement toward realizing our multi-racial democracy.

Over the past year, we have seen the powerful role of public policy in our state. The federal expansion of the Child Tax Credit significantly reduced child poverty in NC.  Funding investments in the state’s early childhood system and workforce made it possible for working families to be a part of the labor force and supported the healthy development of NC’s children. We continue to see the policy choices our leaders make as critical to advancing the well-being of people and communities and creating the foundation for a better future.

As we prepare for 2023 and beyond, we look forward to our work together — our work to push against more tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations so that we can invest in the education, health, and housing of families across the state — our work to ensure our process of policymaking includes more people and grapples with the systemic challenges and opportunities for NC.  We can’t wait to show what is possible when we come together to focus on what people need to thrive in North Carolina.