Here’s what the Budget & Tax Center was up to in August

In August, we got some good news and some bad news about North Carolina’s labor market and inflation, as well as about what’s going on nationally. But we also got to spend time (in person even!) with many partners, community leaders, and future leaders who are dedicated to working to make North Carolina a better place for all of us, and it’s always inspiring and soul-lifting to be in space with y’all. It makes it all a little less heavy, knowing that there are so many of us sharing the load.

Here’s what the NC Budget & Tax Center was up to last month.

Community turns out for Rally for Every Child

People from around the state gathered at the Halifax Mall on Saturday, Aug. 27, to rally for the Leandro Plan and every child’s right to a sound basic education. There were remarks from community activists and members of a variety of nonprofits, including Alexandra Sirota, Executive Director of the NC Budget & Tax Center. Alexandra and I also worked a booth at the rally to talk with attendees about the importance of corporations paying what they owe in taxes so we can pay for things like the Leandro Plan.

You can watch and read Alexandra’s short remarks and see photos from the event here.