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April 19, 2023

Personal income tax cuts in NC are redistributing wealth to rich white people

Both chambers of the legislature in North Carolina recently introduced measures to extend and deepen tax cuts that have worsened racial wealth divides. Since 2013, the legislature has passed several rounds of cuts to the personal income tax that have overwhelmingly gone to wealthier North Carolinians.

Even without considering many ways tax changes in the past decade have reinforced racial divisions, flattening and reducing the personal income tax rate has diverted wealth into the bank accounts of affluent white taxpayers while people of color have seen less than their proportional share of the tax reductions.

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March 15, 2022

State tax policy is not race neutral

This report analyzes the outcomes of who pays taxes in North Carolina and the ways in which our current tax code directly — and via the investments it supports — impacts Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and white residents. Each year, the foundation of our policymaking is often whether and how we will raise collective resources to advance our state’s well-being.

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